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Zsolt Szanati

 I graduated with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Interactive Arts and Science with a specialization in Video Game Design. My areas of interest and expertise are in cinematography and sound design. I specifically enjoy the way audio works in tandem with film to elicit emotions and share stories that can make a truly immersive experience for my audience. I have worked on various projects in these fields, including Joustaposition, a video game awarded 2nd Place People's Choice out of over Eighty competitors at the 2017 Level Up Showcase in Toronto. I have successfully created a narrative, puzzles and layout for a functioning escape room located in downtown Niagara Falls. I have also studied Sound design and Production at George Brown College. Through my studies as well as external experiences I am building my skills in Pro tools, as well as learning the industry standards for live recording and Dialogue Editing. I am also fairly good at Foley but my other skills will lay dormant until truly needed.

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